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A dobro player's voice - Mike Auldridge

All, yesterday I was listening to the Mike Auldridge Dobro/Blues and Bluegrass CDs that were recorded in 1972 and 1974. It is my understanding that Mike started playing dobro in high school. I don't know the timeline of how long he played before these cds and joining Seldom Scene in 1971.

But what really got me was his sound and tone in what I call his 'voice' from these early cd's to the last cd 'Three Bells'. I know he played better dobro's through the years but to my ears, his 'voice' never altered.

When do you think a dobro player gets or develops what I call his dobro 'Voice'?

Mike Auldridge & Three prednisone Bells Featured in Acoustic Guitar

I shared the following on Jerry's forum:


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