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Weissenborn Kona Style 4 1925 $2600, already sold on another site

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ca. 1925 Weissenborn Kona Style 4.  It's all solid Hawaiian koa wood, with a hollow neck up until the 7th fret and a deep body.  The Style 4 was the fanciest version of the Kona, with rope bindings on all possible places and mother of pearl inlay on the fretboard and headstock.  The wood is beautiful flamed koa.  There are no cracks or other structural issues.  It's a lap style slide guitar, very rare.    This guitar plays and sounds great.  It is fitted with a Baggs M1A sound hole pickup and sounds wonderful plugged in.  A few examples that are very similar are for sale online for $3500 to $3950.  This one is not in mint condition because someone drilled a hole in the side bottom of the lower bout, probably for an input jack.  There are also a couple of darkened areas on the top.  None of this affects the structural integrity, sound, or playability of the guitar.  Please listen to the YouTube video, the

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