Strings (again) - any good deals out there?

It's getting to be about time to get some more strings. EJ 42, Beard Special, GHS, or other? I know Mike Witcher likes EJ 42's. Anyone have a source for a good price on 10 or 20 sets? 

One of the issues I have is that since I live near the Pacific Ocean (I can see Russia) the unwound strings tarnish. Some companies seal their strings better than others. 





i have a maple guitar with a Scheerhorn cone that sounds best ( so far) with ghs ts 1600 strings. How about you?

 This might be a rather informative collaboration

Tuning & String Guages for Seven String Reso

I just grabbed at seven string ShoBro (I know, I know...) and am trying to figure out what tuning(s) and string guages to go with.

On arrival, it had a C tuning on it and, though I liked the tuning, the guitar sounded really lifeless. By cranking the same, aged strings up to E (EBGEBGE), it livened up the sound at least a little bit.


1. Thoughts on other tunings I might want to try?

2. If I keep it in the current tuning, recommendations of string gauges to try out?

And, while we're at it, any thoughts you might have nizagara on other things to try out on this guitar are welcomed. I've heard ShoBro's in the past that had a strong, traditional sound with a lot of growl. (I don't think I've ever heard one I'd accuse of sounding 'sweet'.) This one is awfully tame sounding though and, in fact, doesn't really sound all that reso-ish - more like a standard guitar with a remarkably small sound.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Ordering separate strings & specific gauges

Hey guys,

I'd like to order new strings for my Asher Model I with string gauges .015p .018p .028w .038w .048w .058w, basically the same Bill offers on his website and puts on them. In the past some guys came up with links to favorite sites where it was possible to order single strings, but I can't find the threads anymore. Anyone prednisone willing to chime in and name their favorite places to do so?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Cheers, TripleD

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