Three Ring Circle

Three Ring Circle in Atlanta, GA

Anyone fellow coneheads going to this?  October 6 at Eddies'll be glad you did!  Good opening band too - Rocking Acoustic Circus (clever double-bill eh?).

Pre-order special for Three Ring Circle's new CD "Brothership"

Hey gang! Is this cool or what? We get a new CD from Billy with the promise of another this year and now the new CD from TRC. I just got this email from Rob about a pre-order for the long awaited Three Ring Circle follow-up CD to their self-titled debut. There's an offer for an autographed CD or an offer for free-shipping. Check it out at


Three Ring Circle/Rob Ickes: Two New Digital Singles

Three Ring Circle (Rob Ickes, Andy Leftwich, Dave Pomeroy) released two digital singles on Tuesday:

Just a Rumor - an original instrumental; and Wildflowers - with special guest Jon Randall Stewart on vocals.

Sound clips & more info here:

Early review:  "The TRC boys are back, doing what they do best:  raising the bar to dizzying heights in their nizagara bluegrass-meeets-rock-meets-jazz world. They do it with tone, taste, and absolutely unbelievable chops...

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New digital downloads from Rob prednisone Icks & three Ring Circle

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