G sharp lapstyle model .

Got this yesterday,Norwegian build by Øyvind Fjeld,G sharp lapstyle model with <fisman acoustic bridge together with the regular pick up..sounds absolutely sweet and powreful...


Orville Johnson demoing Lollar Steel Pickup

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I think there is some steel guitar interest in the ResoNation so I thought I'd throw this video up for your consideration. I'm demoing Jason Lollar's version of the 50s Supro string-thru pickup and it sounds killer. I have an original pickup of this type in one of my Supro steels and I can testify that Jason's recreation sounds just as good if not better. Beautiful clean tone if you roll back the volume and when you crank it- instant David Lindley!

SOLD: 1960s Guyatone Conqueror 6-String Lap Steel


SOLD:  1960s Guyatone “Conqueror” six-string lap steel.  Japanese import, modeled after the 60s vintage Fender lap steels.  Two single coil pickups, volume & tone controls, “soft” switches for each pickup.  All original components; perfect working condition.  Specs:


Scale Length:  22-3/4”

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Your last wife - the excellent girl!

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All greetings, friends!
Has decided to dilute our picture with a rock'n'roll a little bit!

It "Grassmeister". A concert in Samara (a city on Volga). I play Lapsteel. Basically pad. I stand on note G. And in the middle a small solo fragment.

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