Down Yonder - Michael Bean with Kitchen Sink @ Cantab 11/1/11

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Here's a fun old-time tune with twin fiddles and dobro.  My dobro solo is early in, just after the opening fiddle head - very little waiting! This was the opening tune of the opening set at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA, 11/1/11.  These are the kind of bouncy tunes that I love to play over!

Michael Bean - Cody Girl

4:02 minutes (3.69 MB)

Here's a piece that I put together a while back, but just finally made it public.  It's dedicated to the memory of my border collie Cody, the best dog I ever met.   It follows my regular theme of dog-inspired tunes.  On this tune I played my Steve Pierce reso, mando, banjo, guitar, & bass.  Thanks for listening.

FBounds - St. Annes Reel

1:59 minutes (3.63 MB)

I messed around with some recording over the weekend and decided to risk posting this arrangement.  After all the really great stuff others have posted here I am a little hesitant but here it is.  I played around with an arrangement of St. Annes Reel.  There are plenty of flaws here (timing, bar rattle, etc).  This tune definitely stretched me to get it on Reso.  I have played it for years on mandolin.  The playing is not perfect but maybe you'll find the arrangement a little interesting.  

Hope you like it (or some of it...).

John Henry - Michael Bean with Alan Kaufman & Friends

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A Tribute to Ray Alden . Playing a classic oldtime tune with an urban bluegrass band
Alan Kaufman - fiddle, Howie Tarnower - mando, Lauck Benson - banjo, Michael Bean- dobro, Mike Kenney - bass. 

There are two dobro breaks in there for you resoheads.

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