Want to buy 7 or 8 string guitar

Want to buy a 7 or 8 string body/neck assembly.  I have all of the other parts.  Not particular about color or condition as long as it will make a solid instrument.  Thanks!

Check out reso-player, Mark Lavengood's Kickstarter project!

Hey friends - Mark Lavengood here! I worked out an endorsement deal with Rayco Resophonics and I'm raising money to help with the rest of the costs and to also record a 7" vinyl - one side with my dobro and flat picking stylings with Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, and the other side with my straight steel playing and the Mark Lavengood Steel Guitar Band.

You can check out the kickstarter project here:

The idea behind kickstarter is simple: people (like me) create a unique project with a goal in mind and offer incentives for people to support (or back) their project.

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Jeff Partin Bio

Jeff Partin Bio

Jeff Partin is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and vocalist. As the 5 time Ga. State Dobro Champion, Jeff has captivated the crowds since he began playing the Dobro at 10 yrs. old. At 12 yrs. old, he was featured on the Grand Ole Opry. Jeff is a master of all things stringed-mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass and dobro. I am proud to be Jeff's Mother and look forward to the bright career his music will surely bring him. He is an absolute blessing and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful son:)))

FYI: New Gretsch resophonic guitars

Gretsch finally updated their website to include their new line of resophonic guitars (Ampli-Sonic).

I saw them at Guitar Showcase in Campbell, CA. They're very nice looking instruments and sound pretty good, much better than the Fender resonator guitars. They are made in China, but seem to have better workmanship and design. Prices are very competitive with other inexpensive instruments. I didn't try plugging the Bobtail guitar in, so I can't comment on the Fishman Nashville series pickup.

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