Tricone tune - Moody Waters

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Tricone (Amistar Style 1 Square Neck). I did some adjustments in the setup, which is not unusual, to bring out the best of this instrument. I've written this tune 'Moody Waters' in the Jazzy Gm7 tuning. Hope you like it.

My New Fishook Arrives

My new Fishook dobro arrived this morning here at work. Wow! I am really thrilled, but so overwhelmed I can't say much just yet. Not to mention that I have work to do, and students and fellow teachers who don't just want to hear dobro picking today! Go figure :)

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*SOLD* Wechter Scheerhorn RS6510F "dobro"



For Sale: Wechter Scheerhorn RS-6510 "f-hole" mahogany dobro.  It is in great condition, hardly out of the house (I bought a bona-fide Scheerhorn not long after this purchase).

It was set-up with a new cone and a Schertler pick-up by Tim Scheerhorn.  The new cone is NOT one the new Scheerhorn cones that Tim makes, it was an upgrade over the "original" cone (according to Tim Scheerhorn).

The case is in good condition, but is kind of cheap (it's the original case that Wechter sold with this model). No dings.

$600 + shipping + insurance.

PM me. . .  . operators are standing by Cool


Scheerhorn Wishlist #4

I've been keeping a secret. Please, do not start another discussion over price, or "I like my XXXXX better..." Those topics have been discussed ad nauseam in other threads. Just admire, if you'd like...

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