Bridge Across the River - Played by Paolo Ercoli

2:44 minutes (3.14 MB)

As somebody of you liked the first song I uploaded here, I put also the second song from that CD that I told you before, of my songwriter friend Paolo Giorgi.

Also here I play resonator and pedal steel.

Strong and True - played by Paolo Ercoli

4:00 minutes (3.68 MB)

This song is on the first cd "No Hurry" of guitar player Scott Nygaard. As far as I know this song is only on that cd, I don't know of any other version, maybe you know better than me. Anyway on his cd Scott use a fiddle, so it was fun for me to change the song and put the resonator instead of the fiddle.

This also was made back when I had my Trio of New Acoustic Music.


Hymn of ordinary Motion - played by Paolo Ercoli

2:53 minutes (2.64 MB)

After seeing Rob Anderlik's video I remembered that I've recorded this song 10 years ago, back when I had a Trio (double bass, guitar and me on the resonator).

This is our version.


This is a name I've never heard of before so often, I think he is a really good player. It's a pity there aren't so many information or some more stuff about him.

I was just curious. I like him.


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