Rob Ickes workshop in G'boro, NC

I had a little unplanned surgery  Thursday due to a close and scary encounter with a sheetrock knife with a brand new blade. Peeled my knuckle back on my right index and sliced deeply into the last joint of my right middle finger. Just missed the tendons. Since I was planning to attend the Rob Ickes workshop Saturday afternoon in G'boro I asked the docs to use super glue instead of stitches, hoping that by Saturday the bleeding would be stopped and I'd be able to bend them a little. I unwrapped them at the workshop and put some regular bandaids on them, but I was pretty much useless as a Dobro player (in other words, no significant change from normal). Unfortunately by doing this I kind of opened them up again, so I best take it easy until they are truly scabbed over.

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Leroy Mack in Ohio Saturday Sept. 18th

Just a reminder that Leroy Mack will be performing with The Rarely Herd on Saturday September 18th at Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn near Athens, Ohio. Here are a couple websites to get directions and more info...

The Rarely Herd -

Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn -

Leroy is also planning to do some Private and/or Group Workshops while at Uncle Buck's. For details and to pre-register, contact Leroy here:

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Stacy Philips Workshop - St. Louis, MO