Andy Hall-Roosevelt Collier Workshop in Denver

ImageHey all, 

 Doing a 3 hour slide workshop in Denver with lap steel virtusos Roosevelt Collier Saturday November 22 from 11-2pm

 at the 1Up music venue. Here's the link for info.

Here's a sample of Roosevelt and myself playing together

Hope to see you there!

In a freeling falling laboratory...

Tesla said "If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, then study frequency and vibration"... I read that and it got me thinking about the dobro..


So lets say you sat there on the earth and tuned up and played your dobro. Then you jumped on a rocket and zoomed up to outer space. Durning the acceleration of the trip, would the tension on the strings increase due to the increased "gravity" of acceleration? This would make the pitch go up, right?  And once you got up into space, would the pitch go up even higher since there was no gravity pulling on the strings? If so, then why would MORE gravity (pulling the tension tighter) make the pitch go up the same as having zero gravity on the strings (No increased tension)...


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Congratulations to Phil Leadbetter - 2014 IBMA Dobro Player of the Year!

Congratulations to the 2014 Dobro® Player of the Year - Phil Leadbetter!

I like this Nati-Horn-its no DeNeve, but it's got its good qualities...

Ok, they are a little bit more expensive than a DeNeve, but this Nati-Horn Mahogany I got last week is a nice dobro. The frets are in the right places. It sounds good over a mic, and there were just  a couple of things that I think I'll modify straight out of the box.

One is, the nut is too skinny. It's only about 3/16th thick. It's been my experience that a thicker nut fattens up the tone and the volume. Just like better tuners would. Not that the standard Gotohs are bad at 16:1...the buttons on them are a little small for big fat fingers. Loren Postma told me he replaced his with a set of buttons he got from Stew Mac.

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