Workshop at Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago. Sept. 22 7pm

Hi all -if you're within reach of Chicago on Monday, Sept. 22, I'm giving an hour-and-a-half workshop on Dobro minor chords, double-stops, and arpeggios--and generally how to navigate minor chords when they appear in a song. In all my years of teaching Dobro, I've found that most students are less adept at playing melodies over minor chords than they are at major chords. There's no good reason for this, especially given that Dobro sounds so good and expressive over minor chords. Most players - from beginning to advanced - will come away with some good concepts that can be used right away to play better music. After the workshop, I think the plan is for Chris and me to play a few songs together, too.

We're in the Chicago area the 2 days prior as well: Saturday in Lockport for "A Slice of Bluegrass" concert and Sunday at Uncommon Ground on Clark. Hope to see some of you there!

FYI: RQ Jones on eBay

Not my auction, but it's there.

Phil Leadbetter: The Next Move

I'm listening to Sirius Radio's "Track By Track" presentation of Uncle Phil's new album, The Next Move. Phil has been through some serious health issues (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2011) and is currently facing additional trials, but right now he's doing what he does best: painting a big smile on my face with his music! In addition to his chops on the dobro (his intonation and timing are simply amazing), Phil knows how to put albums together. He brings material and performers together as well as anyone, and the results (including Instrumental Album of the Year award for Slide Effects in 2005) are top notch.

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Andy Hall and Roosevelt Collier playing "Reuben's Train"

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Andy Hall from the Infamous Stringdusters and Roosevelt Collier from the Lee Boys playing the song "Reuben's Train".

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