Rock On Right

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This one is an istrumental called Rock On Right. Written by me, Arranged by the group. 

Spinning In Circles

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One of the newest tunes the band has worked up. and one of my favorites already.




OrvilleJohnson- I Wonder Where My Hula Girl Has Gone

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A bit of the tropics for you reso-nationals. I started working on a project recently with a friend of mine named Casey McGill. He has a great band called the Blue 4 Trio that does lots of cool 30s swing and jazz but we were talking one day about 30s pop Hawaiian music ( the genre is Hapa-Haole) and turns out he loves to sing it. So we decided to work on a CD with that style. Here's a song we just got all the parts together on and we're feeling good about the vibe. Casey is playing reso-uke and singing and I'm playing archtop rhythm guitars, bass, and my Rayco Stage DeLuxe Hawaiian acoustic jumbo guitar, which is totally made for this kind of music. Recorded at my house. Check it out...oj

New Tunes from the Fun Kit on www.GravyBoatJohnson.com

I just uploaded some new tunes to my long neglected myspace page. which is easiest found by following www.gravyboatjohnson.com let me know what y'all think. I put up 8 tracks. I think Stormy Weather is my favorite, Mellisa Henderson's voice is amazing, made the whole project perhaps.

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