Rayco Stage DeLuxe 2

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I have one other video taken from the same show with me playing the Rayco Stage DeLuxe so I thought I'd throw it up here too. i've got some photos of the guitar (front and back) that I'll try to put up later.

Rayco Stage DeLuxe Acoustic Slide Guitar

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I'm playing a brand new Rayco Stage DeLuxe guitar. Adirondack Spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, beautiful flame sunburst. It's patterned somewhat after a 30s Gibson Hawaiian model, basically a dreadnought size body with a wide square neck, built to accept dobro gauge strings and stand up to high-bass G tuning.

It sounds fantastic, loud, incredible sustain, great when I tune it tight to G but even better when I lower it to D or D minor (as in the clip). It's a great alternative lap slide sound that is not like a Weissenborn. I can't say enough good things about it and hey, dobro players, you might NEED one of these to broaden your palette of slidey sounds. No one else is making a guitar like this.

The HillBenders "Down To My Last Dollar"

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Sooooo..... i just got my plane ticket earlier today, which means i will for sure be hanging out at Wintergrass! The Rayco boys will be there, so thats where i will be spending most of my time. The lineup is absolutely incredible. Stringdusters, and the Wilders seem to be the only bands (that i know of) representing the Reso world, but rest assured there will be plenty of slidey action at the Rayco booth. When i was there in '07 it was a most incredible weekend resophonically speaking. Im sure that '10 will not disappoint.

Oh and Rayco should have #200 up there, for those who really want to know what has me so excited that i could probably pee my pants at any moment.

here is the link http://www.acousticsound.org/index.shtml note the first image that pops up.....

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