Migration Update

We're getting there.  I wanted to update everyone on the status of our migration.

  • All classifieds are up and running in the new format.
  • The site content has finally been fully indexed and is searchable.
  • All tags are organized and cleaned up.  You should notice many new ones in the cloud.
  • Image uploading as attachments and as gallery items now working.
  • Printer friendly page functionality is working.
  • Audio files up and running in the new format.
  • Sponsors forum created.  Contact us here for advertising info.
  • Images organized and tagged.

Outstanding items:

  • RSS aggregation & corresponding FAQ topic.
  • Image upload/usage tutorial and FAQ topic.
  • Continue to fix bugs.  Lemme know what issues you're having, and I'll get 'em fixed.


NOTE: Access to the subscriber portion of the site will be restricted starting July 15th.  Sign up here if interested. 


Thanks everyone for being here. 


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What are tags and how do I use them?

What are tags? Tags are simply a way to describe the key or noteworthy elements within a segment of content on the site.  Content can be in the form of a forum topic, a classified ad, an audio or video file, an image, or a news item.  Tags allow users to mark content in an organized way.  

When to use tags?  Whenever the content describes or relates to an important topic, tag it.  If you think you or others would like to be able to see, read, hear or watch a particular piece of content - mark it with the appropriate terms.  You can use tags solely as a means to organize content that you are interested in, or you can also use them to make a particular content popular.  The more tags applied to content, and specifically the more exact tags applied to content by different users, the more popular it becomes.  Remember, using too many tags or using tags that aren't specific enough is ineffective for marking popular content because in order for the particular content to become popular, the tags need to be similar to, if not exactly like tags that others have chosen. 

Unfortunately, like most powerful internet concepts, the legitimacy of tagging can be undermined by self-promotive over-tagging.  Excessive, self-promotive, or inappropriate tagging will not be tolerated. 

How to tag?  The following guidelines will make our tags more accurate and reliable.  Remember, tags get picked up by Google and other search engines, so it's in all our best interest for them to be correct! 

  • Try to use existing tags if possible.  We have several hundred already.
  • If you think a new tag is absolutely necessary, make sure you capitalize the first letter of words (Camel  Case), and avoid spelling errors (Scheerhorn not Sheerhorn). 
  • Try to use single words. 
  • Avoid prepositions.    


More info on tagging in general found here.


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How do I add a listing to the classifieds?

Subscribers can add listings to the classifieds by choosing Main Menu => Create => Buy/Sell Listing.  Fill in item, type, status (used for ending a listing), appropriate tags and a description.  As long as the status is set to 'Available' the listing will show up in the main classifieds list.

How do I create a calendar event?

Members can list a show, workshop, gathering or any other event related to the resophonic guitar market by Main Menu => Create => Resophonic Event.  Enter an event name, time, location and description.  Please consider the timezone set in your user profile when entering date/time.  The site's timezone is US/EST - and any date/time entry will be converted to display in the calender in EST.

For location, a google maps link works well.