How do I post a youtube video?

To post a youtube video you need to find the url of the video to post.  When viewing a video on youtube, there are two text boxes near the video information:  one titled URL,  one titled Embed.  Both contain the same url, but the URL variant is easiest to work with.  The url will be in one of these formats:

The portion highlighted in bold is the movie id.  To embed a youtube video here, simply wrap the id in youtube tabs like this:


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How do you create a signature?  How do signatures work?

Signatures are set under Main Menu => My Account => Edit => Comment Settings / Signatures.  Signatures will only show up once per topic.

Are there any guidelines for creating content such as audio?

Currently, the only guidelines are to give as much information (title, description, etc.) as possible.  Tagging audio also provides a means for organization and viewing.  Migrating the audio from our old "Sound Bites" forum basically duplicated each recording's presence on the site.  Currently they are listed under "Audio" as well as in their original respective topics.  Eventually the Audio format files will link back to thier legacy discussion and the sound bites forum will be deprecated.  Any new audio should be posted as an audio type (Main Menu => Create Content => Audio) and not in the forum.

What's the quickest way to figure out what has been posted since your last visit?

The Main Menu => Recent main menu link will take you to a listing of all recent content by type.

The "Latest Topics" block on the right side bar will list the latest 5.  The "more" link at the bottom of that block will show the detailed listing.

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