More Signature Reso News From NAMM - Randy Kohrs & Amistar

I've heard a lot of good things lately about Randy Kohrs' new Amistar tricone, both from Randy and members of his band. The Bluegrass Blog is reporting a new RK signature model announcement at the NAMM show. Nothing on the US distributor's website about the signature model yet, nor on Amistar's site either, although they do have some photos of Randy and Mike Auldridge playing Randy's Amistar at last year's Resosummit.

Douglas/Beard Collaboration News

I've caught ear of a few more details bubbling up from the NAMM show in California regarding the much anticipated Jerry Douglas model guitar from Beard.

Reportedly there will be two versions. One, an "Aura Ready" Sapele Pomele model complete with a innovative new pickup system from Fishman which will list for $7500. There will also be a Mahogany Sapele version minus the pickup system for $5250.

Additionally, the newest incarnation of the Fishman Aura will be more "stompbox" in nature.

More details as I hear them. 2008 should prove to be a dynamic year for the reso market.

IBMA Theme Song Gets Nasty Reso Infection!

A very fitting successor to Douglas riding the wild turkey.

Make your own diagnosis here.

Weber reso models debut

The Bluegrass Blog reports that Bruce Weber's company is celebrating it's 10th anniversary by introducing a line of resophonic guitars. Apparently there will be models available in both square- and round-neck versions, as well as spider-bridge and biscuit-bridge models, all available in four wood combinations. Good luck to Bruce and the gang and thanks for giving the reso community additional choices. See the Bluegrass Blog and Weber's web site for more information.

For some reason though, they don't have an Ivan Rosenberg model.