Migration Update

I think permissions should be setup correctly now. Everyone should now have:

  • access to all forums, topics and posts.
  • the ability to click on the Audio link and see all audio starting with the most recent, Sunset Road.
  • the ability to play them from the list.
  • all images should now be visible.
Please let me know if you don't have the above access. One thing to keep in mind is that the site's content is cached and sometimes refreshing the page can trigger the latest version (which reflects the proper permissions) to show up. If you see an access denied message, please post about it here.

Outstanding issues include:

  • performance tuning
  • caching tweaks
  • bbcode and posting interface refinements
  • SSL for credit card subscription/shopping security, which depends on hosting decisions, which depends on how the site performs over the next few days
  • lots of data refinement and massaging - I need helpers for tagging, organizing images, audio and posts.
We're looking at July 15th as the cutoff date for open access. At which point a subscription will be required for parts of the site. Thanks to those who've already signed up. For you and anyone else who joins before the 15th, I'll reset the expiration date on your account so you get a full year. More to come... stay tuned.

Just A Recommendation

I appreciate everyone's patience and support always and especially in the last few days. I've had several users report problems with Internet Explorer 6 & 7. Oddly enough, despite a good bit of testing over the past few weeks, I've even seen IE7 issues that started today. We can all save ourselves headache and aggrivation by making the switch to Firefox.

The new version 3 came out last week and it's a great browser. It's free, it's easy, and it will add value to your life. I highly suggest that if you've not tried it, you do so. I bet you'll never turn back.

Welcome To RN3!

After 24 hours of data migration agony, we're proud to announce that RN3 is here.

There will be bugs. There will be glitches. There will errors. Please bear with us throughout the transition. The site has been completely rewritten from the ground up. A move that offers much more flexible content management and user experience, along with ample opportunity for onboarding issues. *Note: All 'registered' users still have full access to the site. If you are seeing a permissions error, please bear with me to get it resolved. No subscription is currently required for any content. We are aware that the audio and images aren't showing up correctly for all users. All media, forums, and news content is much more tightly integrated which creates an environment ripe for learning. It will take awhile to get everything laid out and accessible in the most effective way, but everything from the old platform is here. All images, posts, topics, categories, attachments, private messages, and albums are here - they just might not be visibly organized appropriately. We'll continue refining the user interface and addressing issues over the next several weeks. The layout is different. Navigation is more intuitive and content is divided amongst different functional areas of the site. All content types: forums, topics, news, images, audio, video can now be organized or extended as we see fit. Currently the user gallery images aren't organized as they will be, and also the sound bytes forum will be migrated to audio nodes. I'm approaching 40 hours with no sleep, so I'll be back tomorrow with more about the new layout and membership structure. Thanks again for being here.

Randy Kohrs is busy in front of, behind mic

Kohrs is featured in a nice Memphis based writeup

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