Reso Roundup #1

2008 is proving to be an active year for this instrument and it's enthusiasts. Here's what some of our favorite resoists are up to:


Billy Cardine - In addition to recently becoming a father, Bill and The Biscuit Burners have just released their 3rd album, Take Me Home. According to Bill, they've had a lot of industry interest, but have chosen to continue releasing thier cd's independently. They're doing well with a grassroots release, but please pass the word regarding this wonderful group of musicians. The 'Burners recently played the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, which can be heard/seen here.

Bill recently played a track on Sara Watkins upcoming disc, which features Sara, Sean, Gillian and David and Byron House...produced by John Paul Jones. He also arranged a Mozart piece for Viola and dobro for the much anticipated Scheerhorn project with Odessa Jorgensen (from The Biscuit Burners) playing the Viola. Classical arrangement is a priority for Bill and he usually keeps a project of such nature in the works. He's also been producing and playing on a project for the Virginia based Downbeat Project. He describes the group as a cross between Ray Charles and Jack Johnson with a bunch of slide work, which sounds very appealing. Additionally, Bill and fellow Biscuit Burner Dan Bletz have started a Gypsy Jazz band that's playing in and around Asheville, NC. Cardine will also continue teaching and performing with mentor and good friend Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya in the upcoming months.

Bill's latest solo project is still in the works and should be worth waiting for.


Phil Leadbetter- Phil's group Grasstowne will be in Nashville in mid May to start on the their 2nd CD for Pinecastle Records. They'll also be featured on XM Radio in a live studio segment on June 6th.


Michael Witcher- Michael recently played on a track featuring Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins, and Mark Shatz for Sara's new project produced by John Paul Jones. He also recently cut a track on lap steel with Tyler Hilton (who played Elvis in Walk the Line). His contributions to the sonically adventurous 'Missy Raines and the New Hip' will will shine on a 5 song EP due out in a few weeks (we should all get it). Witcher also took part on the Scheerhorn Project record with Stuart Duncan, Guthrie Trapp, Doug Belote and Missy Rains. Largo, an upcoming film features a live performance of These Days with Witcher, Jackson Brown and Sean and Sara Watkins. Michael also recently played on Prairie Home Companion with Ashley Monroe.

Michael is also teaching at several upcoming workshops.

Dobro Workshop $50
April 27th 10am - 1pm
Blue Ridge Pickin Parlor (818) 282-9001
17828 Chatsworth Street,
Granada Hills, California 91344

Lap Steel (blues/rock) $50
April 27th 2pm - 5pm
Blue Ridge Pickin Parlor (818) 282-9001
17828 Chatsworth Street,
Granada Hills, California 91344

June 22nd-27th

Dobro Intensive
July 10th -13th
Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend, WA

Augusta Bluegrass Week

July 27th -August 1st


Andy Hall- The Infamous Stringdusters have been touring heavily, and have completed a new project produced with Tim O'brien as well that is slated for release in June, with some type of pre-order contest to ensue in a few weeks. The 'Dusters have 28 scheduled shows in Europe in May. Andy has been on many recent sessions - Rhonda Vincent, The Grascals, Matt Flinner, Dave Harvey and Moody Bluegrass 2, just to name a few. He's also been enjoying the success of his latest project 'The Sound Of The Slide Guitar'.


Ferrell Stowe- "Big Stan", the Rob Schneider movie that Ferrell contributed music to for the soundtrack, is now set to premier in September this year. The trailer featuring Ferrell should start airing soon. They are using 3 songs from his "Stobro's Blues" project, and also several orchestral cues that Ferrel took part in. Sony has purchased the film, and there is a possibility of soundtrack project from the movie.

Ferrell is currently working on his next solo project and has written most of the material for it. It will include some of his favorite players around Nashville, Stephen Mougin, Jessie Cobb, Dennis Crouch and Mike Scott, as well as a couple of vocals by a very prominent producer/singer/songwriter to be divulged later.


Todd Livingston- Todd has moved to Nashville and has been filling in on some Jim Lauderdale gigs. He played Dobrofest last summer and toured with Fragment while in central Europe. He's also been touring with a country rock band called Buckskin Stallion out of Colorado playing lapsteel. He has a solo CD in the works under the guidance of Randy Kohrs and his Slack Key Studio (where he also just cut a track for the Scheerhorn project). Todd is now playing a Paduk Rayco guitar, which he's very please with.


Ivan Rosenberg- Ivan is busy touring, recording and teaching over the next few months.

  • Early-mid April: touring Toronto and Ottawa, ON, Canada with master clawhammer banjo player Chris Coole.
  • April 19-20: Washington, DC Workshop
  • April 26: Atlanta, GA Workshop
  • May: Producing, recording, and mixing the second album for roots/bluegrass band The Breakmen.
  • May 25: Northwest Folklife Festival with Mighty Squirrel
  • June 8-10: California Bluegrass Association Music Camp: beginning Dobro workshop
  • June 11: duet with Chris Jones at the CBA Father's Day Weekend Bluegrass Festival in Grass Valley, CA
  • June 12-14: Mighty Squirrel at the Northfork Bluegrass and Roots Festvial in Hotchkiss, CO.
  • June 21-23: The Breakmen at the Sooke River Bluegrass Festival in BC.
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Jerry Douglas- Jerry has been taking some "time off" (relatively speaking...) over the past few months, but here are some of the things that he has been working on and that he has coming soon:

  • New release on Koch Records - in stores in June 2008
  • Recently played on the upcoming release by Charlie Haden. Other featured players on the project were Bruce Hornsby, Pat Metheny, Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Russ Barenberg, Bryan Sutton, and Stuart Duncan.
  • Jerry Douglas Signature Series resonator guitar by Paul Beard
  • New Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura pedal, with 16 sound images designed by Jerry
  • Will be recording in the studio with Elvis Costello and T Bone Burnett for Elvis Costello
  • New Line of Resophonics from Recording King

    We learn via our friends at The Bluegrass Blog Recording King have released a series of resophonic instruments, including both tricone and single cone biscuit bridge models, a mandolin, and a ukelele. These are all brass-bodied instruments, and the guitars are available in round-neck and square-neck models. Look for more information on the Recording King website.

    Message From Abe Wechter

    Thought I would pass along a message regarding the announcement from yesterday - again with the intention of full disclosure.

    Hi Brad,

    Based on the information I have read on your website and my discussion this morning with Mr. Weaver, he and I have agreed that he will no longer be an authorized Wechter dealer.

    Abe Wechter

    PSA: Caveat Emptor In The Classifieds

    Near the end of 2006, we began to notice a pattern relating to advertisements in the classifieds forum that seemed a little suspicious with regard to the rules. After analysis of our site usage data, we found that one user appeared to be using three different usernames, and was fairly active in the classified section of R-N.

    The pattern consisted of Wechter/Scheerhorn guitars being advertised along with an explanation of the need to sell. Usually, the reason was that another guitar was being purchased (often a custom) and the poster needed to sell, or the guitar was acquired in a trade. Accompanying these posts were comments from other R-N members vouching or cheerleading for the seller. The language used by three of the posters was similar, enough so that we were fairly convinced that these posters were all the same individual.

    Further investigation revealed that all three users had posted from the same IP address - strong evidence that the same computer was used for all three.

    The main poster was Darrell Weaver using the ID docdobro, the secondary, cheerleading posters were 'UncBob' and 'mt-music man'. We deactivated these accounts and notified Mr. Weaver of our reasons for doing so

    On 4/14/07 a new member of R-N joined with the ID of janzirkle and within one month had posted a similar For Sale message from the same IP used by Darrell Weaver. We immediately deactivated this account on 5/10/07. Also on 4/14/07, another member joined R-N using the ID gmallard, listing his location as Great Britain. More on this user later.

    On 5/17/07, jtmreso joined Reso-Nation. In June he posted a For Sale item listing a W/S guitar. At that time, our suspicions were not aroused, but read further.

    On 6/15/07 another new member of R-N joined, using the ID twslide. Several For Sale posts were made and the posts looked like those of Darrell Weaver, but the IP address used was not consistent. We continued to monitor this user. In December I compared the photographs twslide was using to some that had been used by Darrell Weaver, and the photographs were identical. Further, in response to an inquiry about the guitar he had for sale, twslide sent me his telephone number. Upon looking this number up on Google, there were two hits. The first indicated that the number belonged to Darrell Weaver. The second was the list of authorized dealers from the Wechter website, listing that phone number as "Mountain Music" in Lyndhurst, VA.

    On 6/22/07 "bryangambler" joined Reso-Nation and made his first post a For Sale ad on 7/20/07, offering a mahogany W/S. No photos were posted in conjunction with this ad. More below.

    On 1/28/08, we were contacted by an R-N member who was concerned about a potential deal he was making based on an R-N classified ad posted in December by jtmreso. In their offline communications, this user was asked by jtmreso to make a check payable to "mt-music". Here is a portion of the communication we received relative to this transaction:

    "He instructed me to make out a check payable to mt-music. I feel uncomfortable about this fellow since I thought I was dealing with an individual and not a music company. What is your policy for music companies selling on ResoNation?"

    A review of this classified ad includes a post by "gmallard", the user claiming to be located in Great Britain noted above, commenting favorably on the guitars in the ad. The IP used by gmallard is consistent with one used by twslide.

    Most recently, this past weekend, we were informed by a member of R-N who "received an email from a user/ bryangrambler stating he had a w/s available with pics and a price. Odd thing about this is is that the same pictures were posted by another user back in December with a different description and price". This user forwarded us this email, and the photos enclosed were the same as in the gallery of jtmreso. Further, the return address on the email appears to be that of Darrell Weaver. And finally, the IP used for one of bryangambler's posts is shared with gmallard.

    Summary: Based on various data, it appears that Darrell Weaver has created at least the following eight user IDs and used them in an attempt to sell guitars commercially on R-N, in violation of our rules and in refusal of our direct requests to cease.

    -mt-music man

    There may be more that we have missed, and until we revamp the integrity of our user data, there is the possibility of future registrations from Mr. Weaver.

    Despite the deceptive nature of using multiple aliases (shady at best), our real objection was the listing of new items by an entity acting in a commercial capacity. Mr. Weaver is an authorized Wechter-Scheerhorn dealer.

    We do not recommend that you purchase from this dealer; nor do we recommend that you refrain from purchasing from this dealer. The purpose of this notification is full disclosure, so that you have this information at your disposal for any future bartering through this site. Use this information as you see fit.

    Remember, in all transactions, "let the buyer beware".

    In 2004, Reso-Nation began not simply to have another online reso forum, but to fill the void left in the wake of the Raymond Boze affair. Awareness is our best defense.

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