Gimme A Break: 001 - The Mountain

**The intent of this column is to aid in learning a particular segment of a referenced piece of music. All media in this and all posts in this series are strictly for educational use. Do not duplicate this material in any way.**
Our first Gimme A Break selection will be 'The Mountain' off of the album titled as such by Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band. The featured resoist on this tune is Jerry Douglas.
The tune is in the key of D and is in 3/4 time. Here's the break...

right click here (save as) to download

and again @ 75%...

right click here (save as) to download

Here's how the break sounds to me:

& @ 75% ...

Here's the tab:

The Mountain Tablature

The Mountain Tablature

The Mountain Tablature

The Mountain Tablature

I like the way Jerry lets it breath a little in the 4th and 5th measures. He leaves just enough emphasis on the downbeats to support the rhythm without going completely waltzy.
Please let me know if you like/dislike this format and any ways I can improve it. Enjoy.


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Speaking of Randy Kohrs and Reso-Entrepreneurs…

As Brad mentioned below, Randy has a nice recording studio. And, as reported onThe Bluegrass Blog, it is now an award-winning studio:

"The June/July issue of Upholstery Journal announces the winners of the 2007 Design & Craftsmanship Awards. Randy won top honors (platinum) for the design of a set of ‘63 Chevy booth seats in the “green room” of his studio.

"The green room resembles an old style dinner complete with black and white floor tiles and the award winning booth which has built speakers between the seats."

I'm beginning to think this Kohrs fellow is multi-talented!

Where’s The Resoist?

Can you find the hubcap entrepreneur in this mosaic?


Yep, he's in there... keep looking. Don't Cheat. Let me know if you need a clue....

First person to comment with the correct x-y coordinates (top left = 0-0) gets a complimentary Reso-Nation t-shirt.

Randy Kohrs Featured in "Mix" Magazine

All purpose musician and monster resoist Randy Kohrs is featured in this months Mix magazine for one of his decreasingly lesser-known talents - sound engineering. I was fortunate to do some recording at his home based Slack Key Studios a while back and was impressed with his gear and engineering savvy. Since that time his experience has landed many top Nashville artists and he's quickly established himself as an in-demand engineer. Among the latest projects recorded in-house is one of the top 5 bluegrass projects on the airways currently, Randy's own Old Photograph.

Randy Korhrs - Old Photograph

Not only does it feature Randy's cutting-edge command of the instrument we love, we also get to hear him on National-style as well as squareneck acoustic guitars along with his crystal clear vocals. This project is a must-have for resoists and bluegrass fans alike.

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