Reso-Nation's Newest Member

Samuel Kemp Harper became the newest R-N member courtesy of Jodi and Brad Harper: Sam was born @ 12:35 on Friday, November 2nd. He weighed 7lbs, 1 oz and was 18.5" long. And yes, he does have a reso: a nice oil-finished Koa Harper.

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Gimme A Break: 002 - Dream You Back

**The intent of this column is to aid in learning a particular segment of a referenced piece of music. All media in this and all posts in this series are strictly for educational use. Do not duplicate this material in any way.**

Perhaps the most requested break for this column is Andy Hall's break on 'Dream You Back' with The Infamous Stringdusters. This break is a great example of Andy's fluid style and his mastery of driving rolls and syncopated rhythm.

The tune is rather briskly in the key of B (capo on the fourth) and is in 4/4 time. Here's the break...

right click here (save as) to download

and again @ 75%...

right click here (save as) to download

Here's how the break sounds to me:

& @ 75.. err a... 50% ;) ...

Here's the tab (standard disclaimers - maybe Andy will chime in here if corrections are needed):

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

Dream You Back - Tablature

The intro sets the mood for the entire piece. Andy can integrate a reverse roll very seamlessly, and with razor sharp timing it fills any downtime with plenty of push.

Sorry it's been so long since our last break... up next will be Randy Kohrs!


Shop Tips: Padding Your Tailpiece

Over the past few years, I've seen, setup and played guitars of all makes and models. One thing they almost all had or needed was some way to dampen the area between the tailpiece and the coverplate. This area is notorious for potential buzzes and rattles. People have used different materials from leather strips to foam rubber for padding. Initially, I cutout foam pieces and placed them under the tailpeice, but they moved around and didn't look very good. Adhering the bumper to the tailpiece was a great step because it eliminates the possibility of the piece sliding around and requiring adjustment. I initially got the idea of using adhesive velcro from Tim Scheerhorn. This is my variation.

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A New Resonance for Doyle Lawson

Josh Swift, formerly the resoist for Carrie Hassler is the newest member of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. I recently met and picked a while with Josh at this years Galax Fiddlers Convention. He's a great musician and a top notch resoist. Congrats on the new gig from reso-nation!

For those who aren't familiar with Josh, here he's slinging the bro in a jam from Galax this past August.

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