Where’s The Resoist?

Can you find the hubcap entrepreneur in this mosaic?


Yep, he's in there... keep looking. Don't Cheat. Let me know if you need a clue....

First person to comment with the correct x-y coordinates (top left = 0-0) gets a complimentary Reso-Nation t-shirt.

Randy Kohrs Featured in "Mix" Magazine

All purpose musician and monster resoist Randy Kohrs is featured in this months Mix magazine for one of his decreasingly lesser-known talents - sound engineering. I was fortunate to do some recording at his home based Slack Key Studios a while back and was impressed with his gear and engineering savvy. Since that time his experience has landed many top Nashville artists and he's quickly established himself as an in-demand engineer. Among the latest projects recorded in-house is one of the top 5 bluegrass projects on the airways currently, Randy's own Old Photograph.

Randy Korhrs - Old Photograph

Not only does it feature Randy's cutting-edge command of the instrument we love, we also get to hear him on National-style as well as squareneck acoustic guitars along with his crystal clear vocals. This project is a must-have for resoists and bluegrass fans alike.

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Ivan Rosenberg Lesson Online

The latest reso lesson by Ivan Rosenberg is up @ Guitar Sessions.

Stringduster Madness

I'm currently @ the South Carolina coast and have been catching up with picking friends over the past few days. I've noticed there is one topic that has come up amongst them all - The Stringdusters.

In a jam last night, I heard over half of the tunes off their Fork In The Road debut. Although some have been hip to the 'Dusters since 2004, they've only become mainstream since their freshman Sugar Hill release in February.

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